Legendary Halter Stallion, Mister GQ, Passes at 22


What a beautiful day in Texas. Im always in awe of the sunrises and sunsets. I think it encourages me to be thankful for my life.

This will be a difficult time for me, so I am asking for help. Rather than have GQs passing be a sad occasion, I am choosing to celebrate an incredible journey; a very large portion of my life journey at that.

GQ was more than an average horse to me and to so many people.  Of the many things that set him apart throughout his life, most important was what he gave back to the industry.  I'm asking those of you who knew GQ to not contact me with sadness but instead share a story about him with someone.  In remembrance of him, try to give a little more consideration to those who might need it.  I ask you to take this opportunity to reach out to someone in our horse community that may need that extra bit of compassion. Give a compliment to a youth who would love nothing more than a tiny word of encouragement, or to a Select exhibitor who is struggling with the question, If they can still show?"

GQ was the epitome of courage and strength. His will to live was untouchable. So, I ask that we remember him by giving a kind thought or word to someone that may need it.

I have so many wonderful stories I want to share, involving so many great people that I came into contact with along the way because of GQ. I remember Charlie Cole and I going to Greg Whalen's and picking out GQs mother; Doug Lilly guiding me to breed her to Mr Conclusion; The Lannings and Dr. Dennis for bringing me into the breeding barn and starting yet another chapter; My dear friend and GQs biggest and most loyal fan, Kenny Brownlow, who is buried with GQs first win buckle; Tom Lukenbil listening to me about riding GQ; Ted Turner--a relationship throughout GQs life and mine; Jerry and Betty Wells who encouraged me during my off beat riding attempts with GQ; Adam Mathis for his years and years of keeping GQ sound; Denny Hasset, Gene Parker, Wayne Halvorsonall were a major part of his life; of course, the Kosters in Duvall--without their help, our journey would have been cut very short, long ago.

Its really interesting Ive always felt that GQ was "My" responsibility; my obligation. Now, in retrospect, I think I may have been way off in that thought. I now believe that I was the one who was being directed, following his path. What a fantastic ride it has been.

So, please help me celebrate this beautiful journey with this magnificent horse by sharing a nice thought with someone else. Let me get over it before we hug and share our stories. otherwise, I just dont think I can bare it.

As always, Candy and Mister GQ


Welcome to Jay Star Ranch web page, we would like to give you some history of our horses, our breeding program and assist you in promoting any GQ babies you may have.

Our facility is in the heart of horse country, Pilot Point, Texas. We chose this location to be near the best horses in our industry and to avail our horses to this beautiful land. Our Ranch is 5 years old and growing. We have worked very hard to raise and collect some of the finest producing mares in the industry. These mares, along with a select few of outside mares that have been with us for many years, are bred to GQ. 


Going into our 17th breeding season with Mister GQ, lets share a little about his past....

Living in the beautiful Coto De Caza area of Orange County, California was not the most likely place to raise a stallion. After breeding one of our mares to the great Mr. Conclusion, the resulting foal being Mister GQ, his fate took on a direction of its own. His mother, Always In Fashion, a great mare,but not a fabulous show mare, as she would rather be ridden than do halter, was the key. She was 16 hands, all red, by Page Impressive, out of a Gold Seeker Bars mare owned by the Whalens. GQ was our only baby that year.  I only had 4 mares and choose to breed them on alternating years. This was before shipped semen. He was rather stunning to begin with and being our only baby that year got all of the attention. He also had an aloofness about him that set him just a tad above the rest.  I wanted to be very cautious about showing him so we took him to only two futurities that year. He won those easily and started the talk that would follow him for many years to come.

When he was a yearling, there was only one person considered to handle him. Ted Turner if he would. He graciously accepted and we started a life long friendship and association that I value. He is a true horseman and friend. Our only disagreement was I wanted to ride GQ. So, after his successful show career as a halter horse, I took him home and we started riding. By the age of three he had won a World Champion, and two Res. World Champion titles; had won the Congress twice along with winning the prestigious Yearling Stallion class, going Grand Champion Stallion as a yearling. Then toped off his three year old season by winning the Solid gold Non-Pro Western Pleasure with me aboard.

We brought him home and breed our mares for the next few years. We decided to take him back to the Congress as a 4 year old.  He, again won his class in halter and was Grand Champion Stallion-Reserve in the Open division. He qualified for the World Show Aged Stallions so we decided to take him to the world show for his last go at an open title.  With Denny Hassett leading him in the Open division of the Aged Stallions he hit is highest honor being crowned World Champion Aged Stallion.  ...the rest, as they say, is history...............

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Thank you for visiting us.  We hope we can assist you in enjoying your journey with these great creatures.  We have certainly enjoyed ours.

Candace Jussen




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